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Fun on board of ExodusThe ultimate St. Lucian safari!

Anyone who has ever delighted over an aquarium is in for a treat on our St. Lucian coastline safari – it is a Caribbean snorkelling experience not to be missed! Imagine how you will feel when the fish find you of interest. You will meet Parrot-fish, Red Snapper, Rays, Lobster and Barracuda (to name but a few) in their ‘home’ in the world’s largest aquarium. Whales and dolphins are in abundance (and curious) so don’t be surprised if they also put in an impromptu appearance.

All equipment – masks, snorkels and fins – is supplied so you can personally unlock Saint Lucia’s underwater treasures. Exodus Boat Charters promises you the ultimate underwater experience – the best locations; best advice; best equipment and the best time you will ever have above and below the shimmering Caribbean.

Enjoy one of our leisurely cruises down to the former capital, and home of the iconic Pitons, Soufriere. En route we’ll make Marigot Bay our first port of call. The American novelist James A. Michener described Marigot Bay as ‘the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean,’ and as we sail into the bay you’ll see why. Marigot is said to have hidden the British Fleet (commanded by Admiral Barrington) from its French pursuers way back in 1778. Legend has it that the crafty Brits tied palm fronds to their masts to blend in with the local scenery. There’s even rumours of a German U-boat surfacing in WWII and there was once the huge pink sea snail (of Dr. Doolittle fame) adorning the the sand spit at the entrance of the bay… no-one seems to know what happened to him. The surrounding restaurants which frame the bay are excellent and affordable.

Further down the coastline you’ll find our island’s vibrant fishing villages, each with a character of their own. Take Anse La Raye and Canaries, famous for their Friday Night Seafood Fiesta, always high on the ‘to do’ list for anyone with a thirst for local culture, or even just a thirst! But the best is yet to come.

Our final port of call is Saint Lucia’s former capital city, Soufriere. This is the jewel in the Saint Lucia crown boasting everything from the World Heritage Site Pitons to the world’s only drive-in volcano and countless botanical gardens and waterfalls. Numerous hotels and restaurants offer oases from the Caribbean sun, such as Ladera, nestled on the hillside between the Pitons, Hotel Chocolat and the Rabot Estate, where the cocoa for the renowned British chocolatier is grown, and Sugar Beach, which sits proudly on the beach between the Pitons.

Our St. Lucia tours are designed with the visitor in mind, and we are always flexible. Our Land and Sea Tour allows you to experience the best of both worlds – on and off the water. But be warned – Soufriere is highly addictive and you will need a full day to take in the sights – you won’t regret it. The sights are breathtaking and the food is out of this world and we will be pleased to point you in the right direction of both . . . enjoy!

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