Whale & Dolphin Watching

Dolphin jumping

A whale (and a dolphin) of a time in St. Lucia

Anyone who has ever been snorkelling or scuba diving will tell you the same. Fish are as curious about us (they are in their own habitat after all) as we are about them. With this in mind it is no surprise that our whale and dolphin watching tours are so well attended by both tourists and the incumbent attractions . . . whales and dolphins!

We are spoilt for choice in St. Lucia as there are over thirty species of whales and dolphins. Dolphins (don’t they always look like they are smiling?) love nothing more than to showcase their acrobatic skills in our boats’ wake. Whales, well, they are far too big and busy for such acrobatics, but you will never forget the first time you hear one clear its blowhole with an almighty whoosh before majestically slipping back beneath the waves with its huge flukes (often called the hand of God), signalling a final farewell.

Exodus Boat Charters cruise down the west coast of Saint Lucia, past Marigot Bay to Soufriere and the Pitons, in the tried and tested routes used by a variety of whales including Pilot and Hump-Back. But the dolphins are not to be outdone with Spinner, Bottlenose and Spotted species usually putting in an appearance.

On our return you will have the opportunity to snorkel in the Marine Reserve followed by probably some of the best snorkelling sites in Saint Lucia such as Anse Cochon and Anse Chastanet which is a great place to become PADI certified if you are not already.

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